Unplug & recharge: you need to scale down to scale up

Unplug & recharge. Quiet time for productivity and mental health. Wellbeing best practices are often overlooked, while they are based on solid ground. Live your life to the fullest. Mind your chakras and align your spirit with body and brain. Relax and enjoy this universe, here to attract abundance to your inner self. In our […]


Tenacity is one of the most important quality you may want to have and the most sought-after soft skill you may want to improve. Has often been said that “Vision without action is hallucination” and this is particularly true in entrepreneurship and business settings, yet many people let their inertia creep in. The determination to […]

Be yourself. No matter what they say.

Be yourself. Anybody else is already taken. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. – Ralph Waldo Emerson We often take for granted we are part of a community, so we must adapt to fit in. Nothing could be further from the truth: […]

The Mash up! Manifesto

We live in a world full of slashers and mashed-up individuals. Multi-hyphenated talents with diverse skills under one hat. It’s actually a good thing, one that liberates us from the old world, tedious tyranny of having to choose a title, to name in society and let others feel secure in their one-word statements. This has […]