Mattia Settimelli

I'm a creator writing, designing and building things

Designer, author, producer, entrepreneur, brand builder, indie-hacker, maker, songwriter, photographer, digital artist, and coach.

my mission

wholistic life enhancers

I create things for the three core pillars of the life of us modern humans: Health, Work, Leisure. 

I believe it’s not useful to separate those aspects, instead I try find cohesive solutions to help with a 360° vision of life.  

I write and coach about functional nutrition, supplements, and longevity at Avocado Republic, while supporting fellow solopreneurs and founders at Worldfounder with legal-tech tools to do business globally the right way. I also have a new brokerage service called SEOFIT, where I match you with the best SEO professionals for your case. On the lifestyle and leisure side, I write books  about several topics (latest being Diversamente Maschio, a social topic I sincerely care about), create art, and buil stuff with AI.

And talking ’bout homes, MXS HOUSE is a network of beautiful places for remoters I own and operate.

Some of the awesome brands I worked with