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A luxury, masculine fragrance with sensual, elegant notes+its NFT digital version, a unique, priceless piece of artwork, that you can own and even resell.

For the gentlemen of today.

Coming soon!

New! Red Flamingo Exclusive Capsule

New Book

Urban tales from a globe-trotting artist-preneur


All that I know now it’s for you all things experienced in my past flowers and rainbows for you to explore the universe stops and stares at you just for a while

Mattia Settimelli

The Focus Theory

The Focus Theory “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days.” Zig Ziglar Tweet Focus is the secret

Mattia Settimelli

Tom Ford’s 15 Best Sunglasses 2021

Whether or not you’re a “Texan’s most intriguing and classy designer” amateur, Tom Ford creates among the most stylish eyewear in the world. This is

gift ideas
Mattia Settimelli

Xmas ’20 Gift Ideas for Women

Being your girlfriend, sister, best friend, mom , grandma, aunt or daughter, these curated list of fashion pieces would make them go “aawwweee”…

Mattia Settimelli

Best private and business clubs 2020

For entrepreneurs, creatives and business people of all sorts, there is always some private club/network/member club, helping you connect, raise funds, solve issues, party like


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