Mattia Settimelli


Total designer, author, producer, entrepreneur, brand builder, indie-hacker, maker, songwriter, photographer, and digital artist.

about me

Well, there’s a lot to say…

First, I’m a creator, always been. I’ve always created at the intersection of multimedia, arts, and business.

I’ve lived and work remotely for about 20 years, before this was a trend (back from the early 2000’s) in almost every country you can think of, with a personal predilection for the bi-coastal US, UK, South and Continental Europe and Asia.

I like to push boundaries and dislike labels

Being a fan of Al Ries focus theory but also knowing the uttermost importance of generalists at the founding and C-level, both in business and art,  I focus on launching and growing one brand at a time. But I launch them often and in diverse categories. I believe a brand must be hyper-focused and niche, but an entrepreneur and creative can (moreover, must!) be as diversified as possible, in his endeavors and projects. This is the best way to have fun while creating value.


My first music vinyl cover artwork at age 5, for my father’s solo debut.Since then, I spent more time on stage, acting, singing, playing, presenting, or in video as a vlogger, actor and director/producer, than off stage.I design logos, fashion apparel, websites and video fx; I write books, songs, business newsletters and magazine articles; I compose, sing, record, produce and distribute music.I’ve been directing and producing music videos in Hollywood, co-producing an indie horror movie that got to the final selection of Cannes in 2014 and won the Madrid Film Festival, producing soundtracks for Netflix, Amazon, Sky, Melià, and W Hotels, and dance tracks that peaked into the UK Club Top 10 Chart (2014/2015), writing poetry, bio, and business books featured in Fox News and Market Watch.


I arranged and produced club nights, web-tv broadcasts, theatre and cultural events, tv programs and workations; I lived off affiliate newsletters in early 2000s in London and China, while managing a record label late 2000s in Berlin; I launched a music e-commerce startup at Google Campus in London in 2012 (that never saw the light after the alpha phase) while arranging a business deal for my startup in Beverly Hills with Lady Gaga’s manager (at the time).In 2017 I’ve co-hosted a “workation” (a remote work vacation) with fellow location-independent professionals and remote workers (before remote work was the new normal), in my Tuscany country house.My startups have been featured in Mashable and TheNextWeb, amongst other outlets.From money blogs to video production companies, so far till now: MXS, a global brand builder for internet start-ups.

about this brand

MATTIASETTIMELLI, represented by the trademarked stylized diamond, is my personal brand and online store for products and services linked to design, art and multimedia drops.

Being inspired by artists like Cattalan, Hirst, Koons, Murakami, Pharrell, Beeple, Superplastic, Kaws,; but also from truly disruptive collectives/companies like MSCHF, as well as from the Godfather of contemporary fashion, the one and only Mr.Tom Ford; sucking in inspiration and beauty from every pore of every creative, Plein included, as well as Marcelo Burlon and brands like Palm Angels and too many others…on this website and store I create limited edition cross-media drops, experimenting at the corners of art, commerce, tech, and lifestyle.

So you could be experiencing the launch of a book that’s also an IRL installation that’s also an app; or a sweater, that’s also a song, that’s also a perfume, that turns into a short movie. Or wall art, turning into a wellness product.

Here is my free, blank, chaotic, pure creation space, I don’t want to compare or be compared to any other brand out there. The keywords here are: fantasy, experimentation, viral marketing, limited editions, artistic, cross-media, drops.

While for my other brands and activities I’m hyper-focused and hyper-niche, here, by purpose, I want to be ultra-generalist and cross-genre, but there is an extra-strong focus: it’s on the HOW, NOT on the WHAT.

Our print-on-demand fashion and ecommerce model is environmentally friendly and customer-centric. By producing items only when ordered, we reduce waste and overproduction, making a positive impact on the environment. Customization and personalization are key benefits, as each item is uniquely tailored to the customer’s preferences. While delivery may be slower, this model supports local suppliers, reduces transportation emissions, and encourages mindful consumption. Choose our brand to enjoy sustainable shopping and a personalized experience that aligns with your values.

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