About Me:
an Artist-Preneur

Half artist, half entrepreneur, I’ve been one of the first not to surrender to society and culture’s  cliché like “you have to choose where you stand”, “find your true nature: you are a creative type or a business type, two different things, you can’t be both” and other rubbish stuff like that. 


Business is pure creativity, and in art you gotta be totally rational to keep going and make it a living.

Never ever listen to what others say: others don’t know who you are.



My first music vinyl cover artwork at age 5, for my father’s solo debut.

Since then, I spent more time on stage, acting, singing, playing, presenting, or in video as a vlogger, actor and director/producer, than off stage.

I design logos, fashion apparel, websites and video fx; I write books, songs, business newsletters and magazine articles; I compose, sing, record, produce and distribute music. 

This is what I am…well, half of what I am…the other half is…


I started my first solo company in my early 20s, when I found I could do better and faster alone than with anyone else around me.

I arranged and produced club nights, web-tv broadcasts, theatre and cultural events, tv programs and workations; I lived off affiliate newsletters in early 2000s in London and China, while managing a record label late 2000s in Berlin; I launched a music e-commerce startup at Google Campus in London in 2012 (that never saw the light after the alpha phase), and directed and produced music videos in Hollywood, while arranging a business deal for my startup in Beverly Hills with Lady Gaga’s manager (at the time).

From money blogs to video production companies, so far till now: MxS Brands, a London/NY based brand and venture builder to launch digital native consumer brands.