Creative Technologist

I create high-impact lifestyle experiences, digital native brands, and internet businesses.

About Me:
an Artist-Preneur

Half artist, half entrepreneur,  I like to push boundaries and merge different fields of myself and of areas I work into. I work as an art-director every day more, coordinating many aspects of art production. 

I prefer Artist-Preneur, as I daily manage totally different businesses, from art production to pure digital marketing and e-commerce entities.


My first music vinyl cover artwork at age 5, for my father’s solo debut.

Since then, I spent more time on stage, acting, singing, playing, presenting, or in video as a vlogger, actor and director/producer, than off stage.

I design logos, fashion apparel, websites and video fx; I write books, songs, business newsletters and magazine articles; I compose, sing, record, produce and distribute music. 

This is what I am…well, half of what I am…the other half is…


I started my first solo company in my early 20s, when I found I could do better and faster alone than with anyone else around me.

I arranged and produced club nights, web-tv broadcasts, theatre and cultural events, tv programs and workations; I lived off affiliate newsletters in early 2000s in London and China, while managing a record label late 2000s in Berlin; I launched a music e-commerce startup at Google Campus in London in 2012 (that never saw the light after the alpha phase), and directed and produced music videos in Hollywood, while arranging a business deal for my startup in Beverly Hills with Lady Gaga’s manager (at the time).

In 2017 I’ve co-hosted a “workation” (a remote work vacation) with fellow location-independent professionals and remote workers (before smart work was the new normal), in my Tuscany country-house.

From money blogs to video production companies, so far till now: MXS, a global venture studio to launch digital-native brands and internet start-ups.