I’m a multimedia producer, entrepreneur, author, songwriter.

Essentially, a storyteller, across different media.

I create and produce musicvideos and indie-moviesbooksblogs, side projects such as news websites and support other entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives in many ways, whether just spreading the word across my international network, crowdfunding them, help with business development/marketing.

I found artist types, often lack the business mindset to put their talents into perspective and act on those. On the other hand, business types very often lack the creativity to be able to communicate their vision and intuition to the world and market.

I’ve been blessed enough to have both of those perspectives integrated into my mind.

This makes me the optimal STORYTELLER.

I worked with leisure clients as Melià Hotels, broadcasters such as RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana), public entities as Comune di Roma, Italian theatres, Internet businesses such as Expedia, Venere travel and The blog Tv, tv channels like All Music; crafted communication campaigns for political parties such as Italia dei Valori and small brands in media, music and entertainment globally, to name a few.

These days, I focus mostly on content creation for brands, online properties, and social media.

(I’ve been featured in Derek Sivers’ Now project here).


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some more info about my background and past stuff (however a lot of things are not listed ) following the link below: