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Unfortunately, I switched many platforms and redesigned this website several times, recently. And a lot of old posts got lost/deleted during the transfers. I somehow have them in text files on my hard disks, so I’ll rewrite and upload them every now and then, apart from writing new ones. Deeper versions of these articles will be in your inbox if you are a subscriber of my vertical newsletters.

Unplug & recharge: you need to scale down to scale up

Unplug & recharge. Quiet time for productivity and mental health. Wellbeing best practices are often overlooked, while they are based on solid ground. Live your life to the fullest. Mind your chakras and align your spirit with body and brain. Relax and enjoy this universe, here to attract abundance to your inner self. In our

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Little ways to add luxury to your life

Little Ways to Add Luxury to Your Life Having even a little bit of luxury in your life is a good way to pamper yourself and promote better physical and mental wellbeing. And you know what? No matter what your budget or how much time you have, it really is possible to add a little

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