Toxic Masculinity

We are here to fight it and change that for the long-term

Welcome to the era of change, where gender equity and mutual respect are the pillars upon which to build a better society. It is time to address one of the most pressing issues plaguing our reality: toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity is an ingrained inequity that fuels contempt and violence against women, while also creating harmful pressures and expectations for men themselves. But we believe that it is possible to change the paradigm, break cultural barriers, and build a society where every individual can live freely without being constrained by limiting gender stereotypes.

That is why we are proud to present to you the cultural initiative against toxic masculinity. At the heart of this initiative is our manifesto book, a courageous and enlightening testament that explores the origins of this distorted form of masculinity and offers practical solutions to overcome it. Through knowledge and awareness, we aim to create a space for open and inclusive dialogue.

But we will not stop there. We have organized a series of events and conferences in collaboration with industry associations and institutional representatives to promote constructive discussion and engage the community in the fight against toxic masculinity. These will be opportunities for confrontation, mutual listening, and the sharing of experiences, with the goal of educating, raising awareness, and inspiring change.

Furthermore, we will strive to disseminate media content that challenges gender stereotypes and promotes a vision of healthy and inclusive masculinity. We will utilize all available platforms to spread the message of hope and transformation, so that change reaches every corner of society.

Now is the time to take action. Join us in this cultural revolution against toxic masculinity. Participate in our events, contribute to the discussions, read our manifesto book, and share it with those who are dear to you. Together, we are stronger, and we can build a future where gender equality is a concrete reality.

Be part of the change, be the voice that breaks the mold, be the inspiration for others. Together, we can overcome toxic masculinity and create a society founded on love, respect, and equality. It's time to take action. Join us and change the course of history.

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