New Hyppodrome single out now. Watch it above, listen on Spotify here.  

True Faith

New Order’s classic cover, True Faith.

“Hold us down” music video extracted still frames

“I made this video out of my obsession for the colour red, nail vernis for women, women sensuality, oniric and lucid dream state and homage to some Hollywood’s imaginary and Hollywood itself. hypersaturated fire walk with me” (director&producer Mattia settimelli)

New MFR single “Hold us down”

Miami Fetish Resort new single benefits from the supreme vocal treatment by Jorden Milnes with additional remixes by Ruffloaderz and Skinner and Bracks.

Control Freak *free download*

Download this subbass banger from my library as a bonus track. A late unreleased 2013 production Produced by Matt Settimelli  DOWNLOAD Mastering by Timo Garcia  at The Vault Studios, Brighton, UK