Customer Service

How Can We Help You?

We accept all electronic payments, cards, and payments processors (Stripe, Paypal, Sofort, etc). No cheques, cash or wire transfers.

We work exclusively on a POD (Print-on- Demand) basis. This means that each order is produced, manufactured, shipped and delivered, only after your order and payment. This results in longer shipping times (5 to 14 days, depending on the product, size, availability and customization) but also in less energy waste, lower carbon footprint, and custmoziable items.

See the wait as part of the exclusive experience.

Our returns policy are strict to avoid fraud. It’s on a case by case basis, but see below:

We only offers refund for mislabeled or damaged products, not for buyer’s remorse.

We don’t offer refunds if your shipping address was missing, unreadable, or wrong. It’s up to you to verify you input the correct information during the check-out process

All our items are of the best and guaranteed quality materials.

We respect industry safety guidelines, laws and respect for the environment.

All our materials are treated with  enviroment-friendly processes and policies.