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 This voice has muscles. You feel itʼs not coming from your mind, but from your gut. 

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Travel experiences

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All that I know now it’s for you all things experienced in my past flowers and rainbows for you to explore the universe stops and stares at you just for a while

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Fresh, contemporary poetry

Life experiences and conceptual tales.

M+S Studio gets into publishing

Author’s content multimedia studio, M+S Studio, releases its first book.

The agency moves further from social media content and online publishing and expand its capabilities into book publishing.

the author says:

I used to write non-fiction books as part of my job as a journalist, years ago. But in the last 20 years I have accumulated many fiction book drafts, other than having written (and produced) tons of songs. So, I felt I had to put some kind of seizure between the two phases of my writing life. This is it.

Obviously, it’s just a 10% of what I have written and lived. For sure, I’ll release a “part.II” some day.

But it’s my best bet to get my foot in the publishing-industry door again, easily.

Well, in the last 20 years I lived so intensely, I’d need a 10-books-series to be able to tell everything.

Now it’s the right time, the right town, the right place, you fall from grace, it’s the right case of dream supremacy, let’s build intimacy, with the right literacy, I’m coming back home for the right chromosome to be found in Rome, let’s build our dome...

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