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M+S Studio gets into publishing

Author’s content multimedia studio, M+S Studio, releases its first book.

The agency moves further from social media content and online publishing and expand its capabilities into book publishing.

the author says:

I used to write non-fiction books as part of my job as a journalist, years ago. But in the last 20 years I have accumulated many fiction book drafts, other than having written (and produced) tons of songs. So, I felt I had to put some kind of seizure between the two phases of my writing life. This is it.

Obviously, it’s just a 10% of what I have written and lived. For sure, I’ll release a “part.II” some day.

But it’s my best bet to get my foot in the publishing-industry door again, easily.

Well, in the last 20 years I lived so intensely, I’d need a 10-books-series to be able to tell everything.

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