• Currencies
    You can open currency wallets in more than 50 other currencies.
  • Bank accounts
    You can open business (and personal) bank-like accounts in the United States (with full ACH and wire details), United Kingdom (with local account number and sort code), the Eurozone (Germany, France, Hungary, etc)) (with a full IBAN), Poland (with local details), Australia (with local account number and BSB code), New Zealand (also with a local account number), and most recently Singapore (local account number with DBS Bank).
  • Debit cards
    You have free debit cards linked to your account with free withdrawals worldwide up to 200$/month
  • Low fees
    Lowest fees on the market for currency exchange and outbound money transfers. No fees for sending to other TransferWise users.
  • Safe
    Regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK as an e-money provider.
  • For remote owners and non-US residents
    Open for companies registered in the US, including LLCs and corporations with foreign resident managers/owners.
  • Zero fees
    Almost free everything
  • Real US account
    Real bank account with debit card located in the US
  • Integrated
    Can be linked to Stripe, Paypal and other US payment processors.
  • API
    Automation is everywhere here.
  • UK non residents
    One of the few banking options for non-UK residents with a UK registered company.
  • 9.95
    a small monthly fee (£9.95),
  • ATM
    Six free ATM withdrawals per month
  • Low markup
    Only 0.5% currency markup
  • Hong Kong
    The only easy way of getting a corporate “bank account” in Hong Kong these days.
  • HK account
    You get a local Hong Kong account number
  • No ongoing/monthly fees
  • Incorporation
    Neat will even open your Hong Kong company for just HK$5,000
  • European
    Reasonably priced e-money account, based in Lithuania
  • Global
    Support 180 countries

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