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Hyppodrome is the musical brainchild of the italian born producer and artist Mattia Settimelli.

This brand was chosen in 2009 as a name for the new record label Mattia was launching in London.

It functioned well as a vehicle for his own projects (electro/electro-house act Miami Fetish Resort, Mattia Settimelli’s electro-pop songs, Manyk’s indie-dance tunes) and to distribute and promote his artist’s roster tracks worldwide, paired with H2 Records sub-label (techno and tech-house).

While Mattia composes, writes and produces music independently since a young age, his recent production efforts have started during 2006 with various indie-rock, pop and house collaborations.

Having worked in the entertainment and media his whole life, Mattia traveled and worked extensively in China, Uk, Germany, US, Spain and of course, Italy, his home country, switching different roles.

Due to personal and business reasons, he decided to take a pause from music in 2013, shutting down the record label and focusing on his other business projects in video production, tech startups, and digital marketing.

He kept on producing some track every now and then, using Hyppodrome as his musical pseudonym.

While living in Barcelona in 2016, working on his new ventures, he realized that he cannot stay without being actively involved in music, so he started producing again.

In 2017,  he kept on producing tracks as Hyppodrome. In the process, he added a service side (thanks to the international partnerships developed over the years) to share his own and his network’s abilities with independent artists, labels, and brands. He renewed his distribution deal with Zebralution, a German distributor, formerly owned by Warner Music and now by Polygram (Universal Music Group).

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Apart from the original content, the following services are provided: Creative services: – Songwriting – Sound design for brands, apps, retail, and leisure – Original soundtracks – Soundalikes & remixes – Production – Music video production – Marketing and consulting services: – Distribution – Music promotion – Music pr





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