Xmas ’20 Gift Ideas for Women

gift ideas

Being your girlfriend, sister, best friend, mom , grandma, aunt or daughter, these curated list of fashion pieces would make them go “aawwweee”…

Yachting Vacations Are Cheaper and Affordable Than You Think

Photo Courtesy of ShutterstockWe should all take a vacation aboard a yacht, anytime soon. Going somewhere via yacht is pretty much the only method where the mode of transportation is actually part of the vacation — you don’t even have to set foot on dry land if you don’t want to! But, hey, you’d think, I don’t […]

Digital nomad newbie survival kit

This subreddit thread is gaining a lot of traction lately. Go check it out! Digital Nomad Newbie Survival Kit (FAQ For Beginners) from digitalnomad Sell more digital products