by Mattia Settimelli

I believe in Integration: Experiential, Digital, Social, Purpose, Inside/Outside

Integration between human and objects, systems and cultures, offline/online.

I love AR+VR+AI and neuroscience but also a simple Instagram account.

The word technology comes from the ancient greek tekhne, which means art,craft, tool and teckhnologia (a systematic treatment) . It’s a mean to an end  and not an end itself. So every human applied conception, even a normal pair of sunglasses or shoes, theoretically, as it’s solving a problem with a tool/experience, is technology. I found this concept amazing.

What is important is to be:

Value driven. Aligned toward core values.

I think we’re at a point in history we have to promote human advancement.

We can advance and evolve by nutrition. by design.  by style.  by travel. by movement.  by values. by education. by entertainment. by love. by respect. by technology.

We must explore new ways of living and working, empowering people and communities, to witness how media-tech fades into lifestyle-tech and smart lifestyle trends shape our new reality and this new exciting world we’re living in.

I believe there’s never been in history a more incredible, amazing time to be alive, with so many global expressions, so much content and art created by humans and so much innovations revolutionizing the way we interact.

So be fully aware of what surrounds you and be positive, be optimistic and remember the motto “Smile and the world will smile with you, cry and you’ll cry alone”. Thus, we also should change that. I believe in helping others and support our fellow brothers and sisters. The world is one.

Es uno.


I believe in the power of numbers, symbols and knowledge.

Information is the new oil. So go deeper. Sharpen your main tools (brain, heart and soul) and use them wisely, to empower yourself+others.

I believe businesses got a political responsibility, within their company culture.

That’s why I like to define my culture even before being in the market with my new projects.

If you don’t like my philosophy, don’t come back. I’ll disappoint you.

We got 1 life. 1 choice. 1 opportunity. So be wise how you spend it.

Evolving is exciting. Adapting is mandatory.

Individuality is the new wealth.

Connecting and collaborating is fostering our worldwide community.

Celebrate diversity in culture, humanity, art, business.

I believe the future is brighter than ever if we support and promote self improvement in a holistic manner (mind, body and soul) and a human-centric approach, supporting causes and social events for education, gender, environmental and civil rights.

Live fully. Be proud. Be restless. Be respectful. Nurture the universe.

Think global, act local.

Connect causes to business.

Explore in lifestyle dynamics to add value and make a difference.

Human is the new frontier.

Focus is on the why.

Today you have to create your own path, cause all the old ones don’t work anymore.

Think creatively, don’t confine subjects in silos, communicate freely, share informations and wealth.

Superhuman work ethic – #hustle & #grind

Family and friends are everything

Do things different and better

Embrace your inner power

Do well by doing good

Always maintain an underdog mentality

Play for legacy – be remembered and serve the planet

Find your meaning and make it count

Empower others, make leaders

Why be normal?

Create value for your community. Create communities around interests. And love, vibrate joy and be aware of everything’s around you.

Always remember to build relationships. Curate them. Everything else will fade or expire, your network won’t.

This is what life is all about.

Good luck!




*This manifesto is inspired by the incredibly amazing human creatures, thousands artists, innovators and entrepreneurs I come in touch on a daily basis, physically or virtually.

P.S. I’m are also convinced that (electronic) music will save the world!