Core service

I’m a storyteller at heart, this is what I do best.

Let me take care of your brand/project story through different media and channels, with a coherent, “wholistic” narrative that complements your marketing strategy.

Content marketing is my natural playing field.

I can personally create and produce digital multimedia/cross-media content for your brand or project, be it a video, a soundtrack, blog posts and articles (ita/eng/span), infographics, or other creative items. Write your sales page, landing page, newsletter. Check some of my work here  and here.

The optimal way of teaming up with me would be to let me create a 360° vision of a content strategy and roadmap. Then, I can tap into my network of partners for each specific part of the process and select, together with you, the best ones, forming a team for the project. This way I can act like a creative director+marketing strategist for your brand or project. But of course, you’re also free to just pick one service and let my creativity do the rest.

Extended capabilities

Through a personally vetted network of partners and collaborators, I can consult in adjacent areas of today’s digital landscape and guide you to access a wider network of top-notch talents.

To know more, please visit my digital studio, M+S Media here.

Below a summary of the main studio capabilities.



This is our creative zone, the place where visions take form and get translated into content.

From blog posts to photo custom filters,  from a music video shot in China to an event recap photoshoot in Hollywood, we have it all.

Main services

Writing & Editing Services

  • article writing/blog post writing
  • songwriting
  • copywriting
  • content editing
  • proofreading
  • ebook editing
  • translation services

Video Services

  • video script concept creation
  • video production
  • distribution consulting
  • promotion
  • video fx
  • special/alternative strategies consulting
  • placement consulting
  • cinemagraphs, gifs, plotagraphs and other mobile formats

Music Services

  • original music production
  • audio mix, master, editing, fx
  • podcast consulting/production
  • music licensing consulting
  • brand sound design

Some partner

The Garage(Hong Kong)- 5th&Ocean(Miami-NYC-LA)- Peace Bisquit– Dimart– Nick Elliott Rock photographer- Luigi Orrù– Skino RicciAl Hallack PicturesNobumichiasaiVidzor

Digital marketing. We can take care of copywriting, social media strategies, performance marketing, and WordPress development.


Complete online development & marketing solutions, from market research to strategy, to funnel design.

A-level digital marketers, each in their respective field and with their own best practices.

Main services
website&app development consulting, SEO/SEM, PPC, link building, Instagram strategy and management, Facebook adv, copywriting, social media marketing, funnel creation, performance marketing (affiliate marketing), email marketing, direct-to-consumer strategies.
Some partner

Christina Szekeres (FBQueen)- Giulia De Jesus (DG Travel)- Toptal– Seovendor- BrightHausHawke Media– Chris Borghese (real estate lead-gen)



Business development. A service I consider incredibly important, as lots of startups and small businesses often overlook the importance of a structured approach to project/mission driven networking and matchmaking. And more than often, founders of companies as mentioned above don’t have the experience, network or chance to meet with partners, clusters and investors internationally. I have this opportunity, so I’m glad to share it with peers.


The result of years and years of nurturing relationships and flying across the globe shaking hands, or sometimes merely of the right Skype call at the right time.

Different cultures and different markets require a series of varying level tactics.

Through my network, I can create structured and goal-driven networking opportunities for businesses and their owners. Being a one-on-one introduction with a potential co-founder or a pitch event during an uber-focused coworkation with investors.

Main services
Goal-driven international networking, investors/partners connecting, global business ecosystems immersion and deep linking, coworkation/co-living retreats with crucial players based on the project, international business development

Clients, partners&collaborations

To know more, please visit my digital studio, M+S Media here.