Hire me

On the business side, I can craft a marketing strategy and partnerships with other brands and creators in many countries, help with business development, arrange small events/social gatherings, or just be hired on a consulting basis.

Talking creativity, I can personally create digital multimedia content for your brand or project, be it a video, a song, blog posts (ita/eng/span), graphics, or every other creative item.

For broader services and access to a wider network of top-notch talents, please visit my digital studio, M+S Media here.

Below a summary of what I do.

Business development. This is one of my core services. A service I consider incredibly important, as lots of startups and small businesses often overlook the importance of a structured approach to project/mission driven networking and matchmaking. And more than often, founders of companies as mentioned above don’t have the experience, network or chance to meet with partners, clusters and investors internationally. I have this opportunity, so I’m glad to share it with peers.

Check here for more informations.

Digital marketing. This field has become so vast, is overwhelming. Let’s say that I like to take care of copywriting, social media strategies, performance marketing, and WordPress development personally, when I have the time. But I can offer so much more through my studio and partners. Check here for full capabilities.

Creativity. In the about page, I write I often introduce myself as an artist-preneur. That’s why this area is where my heart is. If marketing is my mind and it’s exciting, this is where feelings take part in the process. As always, when and if I can, I’m more than happy to create myself and add my personal touch, whether it’s a video production, a music composition, some cool logo, banner, GIF, Cinemagraph or infographic. Or a blog post, a written piece, and so on. But again I’m lucky to have in my circle so many talented artists and creators, you are in good hands, whatever the case. Click here for full capabilities.

Social media/influencer marketing. Today a good chunk of the marketing budget must go into social media and influencers. Without it, no matter what you do with other tactics, you’ll be failing. I’m focusing on this every day more. Again, luckily, I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. Check here for more.

Experiential marketing. Don’t be fooled by the digital revolution: offline events still matter more than ever before. Meet-ups, retail initiatives like pop-up shops and brand activations, coworkations and retreats, cultural happenings and luxury experiences like rockstars meet and greets or festival premieres: the word here is experience. People strive for physical connections. We’re humans, after all… Access to a world of possibilities.

Voice-tech marketing. This is one of my main focuses, right now. Home vocal assistants are becoming the norm, at least in the mature markets. But you can’t approach this platform with old strategies. One above all: SEO is pretty useless here, as you don’t have a list of results but only one direct result. You’ll see that we got partnerships in other smart device fields (AR, holograms) for innovative and guerrilla-style campaigns. But voice-tech is the hottest kid on the block, now. Check full capabilities here.

Apart from the above, I also consult about e-commerce private label strategies and product sourcing; and digital pr in traditional and online media.

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