Hire me

On the business side, I can craft a marketing strategy and partnerships with other brands and creators in many countries, and help with business development.

Talking creativity, I can personally create digital multimedia content for your brand or project, be it a video, a soundtrack, blog posts and articles (ita/eng/span), infographics, graphics, a logo or every other creative item. Or copywrite your sales page, landing page, newsletter.

To access a wider network of top-notch talents, please visit my digital studio, M+S Media here.

Below a summary of what I do.

Business development. A service I consider incredibly important, as lots of startups and small businesses often overlook the importance of a structured approach to project/mission driven networking and matchmaking. And more than often, founders of companies as mentioned above don’t have the experience, network or chance to meet with partners, clusters and investors internationally. I have this opportunity, so I’m glad to share it with peers.

Digital marketing. I can take care of copywriting, social media strategies, performance marketing, and WordPress development.

Creativity. If marketing is my mind and it’s exciting, this is where feelings take part in the process; whether it’s a video production, a music composition, some cool logo, banner, GIF, Cinemagraph or infographic.

Social media content+strategy. Today a good chunk of the marketing budget must go into social media and influencers. Without it, no matter what you do with other tactics, you’ll be failing.


Apart from the above, I also consult about e-commerce private label strategies and product sourcing; and digital pr .