That’s how I call myself.

It means: Creative/Digital media producer/Entrepreneur

I don’t like to confine activities in silos or label things too much. In our world, differences between sectors have blurred, so it doesn’t make sense anymore to follow a linear path (for me has never made sense, so in today’s chaos I’m in my natural state).

Producer, entrepreneur, author, lifestyle experimenter, songwriter, conceptual art experimenter, blogger, apparel enthusiast and nutrition geek.

I like to create pieces of art (poetry, novels, articles, web projects, songs, videos, digital photo and video retouching, scripts, transmedia, conceptual stuff, etc) as well as business strategies and marketing plans. To me, it’s all creativity, without distinction.

Never stop learning, experimenting+develop myself and upgrade my body, soul, mind and heart. I love to co-create with others, to team up for business or creative projects and to travel the world, working and exploring at the same time. A man is not an island and we are all in this together. So let’s stay together (like the ol’buddy Al Green said).

I use social media a lot but a face-to-face meetup and a handshake still the most precious and productive move. That’s why I travel to create bounds, relationships, connect with people and connect people.

Life’s a journey, not a destination.

And all the rules you have been thought when you were a child, the old economy and the old career paths, they are not working anymore. So go on exploring your own path, you’ve nothing to lose (the most scarce resource in our universe is not money, but time, the only thing you can’t buy or recoup).

I’m surrounded by mashed-up like-minded individuals, doing lot of different things at the same time but not everyone is comfortable with mixed-up personalities yet. So I suggest you, when someone doesn’t get it, as Robert Downey Jr.’s assertion “nod your head, smile, listen, agree…and then do whatever the fuck you wanted to do anyway”.

Living across the globe since a long time, as a location independent professional and with a background in theatre, media, entertainment, marketing, events and public relations. Being born in an artists and media professionals family, I’ve been involved and exposed to those environements for my whole life, switching various roles. (I realized my first album cover at 5).

I create and produce musicvideos and  indie-moviesbooksblogs, side projects such as news websites and support other entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives in many ways, wether is just spreading the word across my international network, crowdfunding them, help with business development/marketing or just giving my two cents.

With my past ventures I worked for clients as leisure  companies as Melià Hotels, broadcasters such as RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana), public entities as Comune di Roma, theatres as Teatro Valle (Rome) and Teatro Vittoria, Internet businesses such as Expedia and Venere travel, The blog Tv, All Music, political parties such as Italia dei Valori, small companies in media, music and entertainment globally, just to name a few.

I started my own startups and businesses and also worked on a freelance basis.

Thanks to a growing global network of experienced professionals in entertainment, media, hospitality, technology, advertising and marketing, I can function as a creative consultant, bridging various sectors for a holistic  approach to experiential and relational branding and marketing, arranging social gatherings, crafting strategic partnerships, or as a content creator.

For a full list of services, check my agency here.

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some more info about my background and past stuff (however a lot of things are not listed ) following the link below: